Garret Machine on Holsters

“We get a lot of questions about holsters at FAD, a lot. There are a few simple things a holster has to do and there are plenty of manufacturers out there making all different configurations. One of the most important characteristics (although not a huge consideration to most consumers) is that the holster stays open after you draw out the weapon. This is a safety issue when training and in real life. If it does not stay open then it requires to much manipulation with the off hand to reholster the weapon.

Most holsters designed for concealing your firearm may have an easy draw but not work well for the re-holster. For these applications we are talking about concealment holsters not retention level 2 type.

Bottom line you need to be able to put the gun back. FAB Defense recently designed an excellent solution for finger placement when drawing on a Level 2 type holster - The FAB SCORPUS

Next issue is drawing the gun effortlessly, I don’t like deep concealment holsters or below the belt line holsters because they make drawing out the gun to difficult. A simple guide to this is if your finger can fit under the trigger guard and (middle finger) while the gun is still holstered in your waistband. If yes, then it will ride at a sufficient hight for the draw.

Third issue is grip with the thumb, if your holster has a high shirt guard or any shirt guard, cut that shit off. The crossbred type holsters are the ones who started putting high leather guards on the holsters. It totally fucks your grip out of the holster. I used to run courses at the old crossbred range in MO years ago and they even sell a holster now called a “combat” cut that allows for said grip.

Final issue is how the holster attaches to your body/belt. Paddle holsters are garbage. Plastic clips are shit. The best option are snaps or buttons that wrap around the belt. The second best option is a strong metal clip. Holster that are large with the clips on the sides of the holster and using various materials and usually have many options to adjust the height and cant… Those are all garbage and will be awesome for a week or so, but then they make you sweat under the holster, they move and get unclipped from daily carry and then break.”

-- Machin on holsters, May 31, 2017 in GRS group.

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