Product Review: Mickey Hartman MH1 Reflex Optic

There are enough companies out there building AR-15 platform guns that you would think that there is actually enough demand to justify the supply. I believe most do it for the glory and then get absorbed by the big boys or fall by the way side. I am kind of an AR-15 snob and a big LMT fan myself. Accessories are even more abundant and numerous in function and design. At The Counter Terrorist we often receive products for testing and evaluation, most of the ones we accept are good products. So what does another reflex sight on the market matter and what can possibly be so different? The main difference here is the designer is an actual combat soldier with over 22 years of field experience doing one thing, shooting terrorists.


Not to get into LTC Hartman’s entire bio but he started his carrier in the Israeli Defense Forces as a lone soldier in the infantry. He rose up the NCO ranks and went to sniper school and soon after found him self running small sniper teams in Lebanon and Syria. His next assignment after OCS was going to be his last, develop shooting doctrine for the infantry rifleman and sniper alike, from scratch.


Fast forward from the early 90’s to 2013. Mikey is out of the IDF and his baby is the MH1. Why do I like it? Rule number one: Always look cool. The MH1 “looks cool”, in fact it reminds me of my 1993 Ford 5.0 Mustang, which was a badass car. Lets talk about some of the highlights the gunfighter will appreciate.


The non parallax reticle in the MH1 has two bars on each side of the dot. This does two things, fist it enables the shooter to determine weather the weapon is canted right/left or strait, which will affect trajectory. Second the 35X24 mm window works as a range finder to be measured against a man’s torso for distance estimation. The device also has a sleep mode that can be custom set and when the rifle wakes up it resets to the last setting the user programmed in. This is one of my favorite features for two main reasons, one; it saves the battery when I forget to turn it off between uses. Two; it means the weapon is immediately available when responding to an emergency.


Did I mention you can connect the optic to your computer via USB and customize the settings to your preference while charging it. It has two power sources an internal battery you recharge with USB and a CR123 as a backup. like all military grade products it is water resistant, weather resistant, shock proof and night vision compatible. Unlike its competition the lenses is Fog resistant and invisible on the business end, unlike the EOtec which has a light signature from the perspective of the adversary. To conclude, I have been using a rifle professionally for 15 years now and all of that time with a reflex and while not every rifle I own will have an MH1, my CQC SBR will.

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