The Glock Training Pistol For Defensive Tactics.

The Glock Training Pistol For Defensive Tactics.

I have been training in defensive tactics for as long as I can remember. My mother put me in Judo class as a small child, then Karate as a teenager, Krav Maga as an adult and finally police defensive tactics when I became part of that community. I have been teaching Krav Maga and the Haganah FIGHT program for years in conjunction with Haganah and GORUCK. All the wile gun disarms has been a hot topic for obvious reasons. If you can touch it, you can take it…Meaning that there are often times when you are in close proximity to an adversary with who has a firearm, yours is holstered or not on your person. Ether way you draw will never be faster then his trigger pull. The solution is quick, decisive and surprising eruption of violence. Get off the line of fire while gaining control of the weapon, deliver pain so as to knock him off balance and reset his mind, disarm and neutralize him. In order to do this we must train so that it becomes motor memory and is engrained in our subconscious. In order to safely and properly train for this we need the right tools.


When looking for a training pistol for dry practice or martial arts you look for realism, durability and compatibility with your EDC or duty holster. And of course the right price. Enter the Garret Machine Glock Training Pistol. This product is built to the exact dimensions and specifications of the famed Glock 17 or Glock 22 model pistol, the most widely used pistol for law enforcement and civilians alike in North America and most western nations. Molded from a single piece of glass filled nylon for maximum strength and durability, this training tool enables you to practice martial arts gun disarms, defensive tactics for law enforcement and Krav Maga. The front site is shaved off so as to minimize injuries to your hands during training. This inert pistol is also excellent for knife defenses when you want to practice getting to your weapon during scenario biased training because it is 100% compatible with your Glock 17/22 duty pistol holster and of course safe. Further you can use this gun for practicing room clearing in your home or office and other locations where safe dry drills may be authorized. The design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. This product is a Garret Machine brand exclusive and not available anywhere else but GarretMachine.com.

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