Book Review: Islamic Fascism

In the US there is an intense avoidance of the phrase Radical Islam, or indeed anything negative about Islam, in an effort not to o end Muslims, who are our best bet in finding terrorists according to the Obama administration’s narrative. If they are o ended, they won’t help us and the Radicals! e rationale behind this is that all acts of violence committed in the name of Islam are a perversion of the Religion of Peace. After every act of terrorism on our soil, or the very few he comments on across the world, we are reminded of this by the president himself.

No matter that it is hard to reconcile with an estimated 5200 victims of this spirit of peace during last month’s Holy month of Ramadan, the man keeps saying it.

How awkward, then, for the administration that an Islamic scholar would write a book right here and now and call Islam something much worse; he calls political Islam (Islamism) Islamic Fascism. Abdel-Samad shows in both the historical context and in nine detailed chapters covering subjects such as denying Fascism and showing the connection between early Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood to the History of World War 2 and right up to Zuckerberg and Facebook. e author examines why Islam is fascist, and why failed states produce Heil Osamas as surely as the early twentieth century produced Heil Hitler.

According to the author, Islam needs to make up for the past 500 years from Johannes Guttenberg to Facebook that they have cut themselves o from, something that the possession of social media does not make up for. Only a profound transformation would bring the concepts we have and the culture
of expression that we began during the enlightenment to the world of Islam. Fascism is a normal outcome of the religion and its adherents that want Sharia law to prevail. No “Arab Spring” is rational, let alone likely.

As if to prove his point in the esh and up front, Hamed Abdul Hamed-Samed wrote two books, Leaving Heaven and e End of the Islamic World, and for his pain, a fatwa or religious decree was issued calling for his murder in 2013. e scholar, willing to risk his life to call political Islam “fascist”, now lives in Germany under police protection.

Abdel-Samad, a Sunni, is the son of an Imam and a former UNESCO consultant on Arab education. He was a prominent scholar in Egypt before having to leave

to save his life and is an expert in Islam. He lectures on Islam at the University of Erfurt (Germany). He writes for publications such as Die Zeit, Die Welt, and Cicero. It is hard to classify this man as an Islamophobe!

“Worshipping Mohammed so devoutly they feel moved to kill those that attack him, even if only verbally. They believe in killing others simply for disagreeing with them about things they consider sacrosanct. What does their worldview deserve to be called if not Islamic Fascism.” (p.13)

He goes through showing how the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder was influenced and connected to the fascists in Italy, in Germany, and in Jerusalem. Hassan al-Banna was in touch with Amin al-Husseini as early as 1927. “ The Mufti is a whole nation to me,” said al- Banna. Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, was one of Hitler’s poodles and got himself a home in Germany making broadcasts about the virtues of killing the Jews right up to the end of the war and years before Israel existed. is historical connection is mapped out in detail right up to Erdogan’s Turkey, the Ennahda party in Tunisia, and thanks to the continuing Brotherhood influence— right into the Obama administration where many serve. e motto of the Brotherhood says it all: “Allah is our leader, jihad is our way, death for Allah’s sake is our highest goal.” As he points out, just substitute Der Fuehrer for Allah and you have a perfect fascistoid organization. But the organization’s fascist nature is obvious in every point of the Brotherhood’s 50-point plan. It is very clear: Do whatever it takes, assume any form you need to temporarily to suspend the abomination of government by men (democracy) and institute the law of Allah, Sharia. So it was in 2012 in Egypt, a government supportedby the US, the Muslim Brotherhood government by Morsi until General Sisi rid the world of it.

As if to prove his neutrality, he also takes on Iran in a chapter on Shia fascism that foretells where our agreement with Iran will lead.

He even takes on sacred cows like Jihad and the Promise of Paradise in a chapter named “Pornotopia.” God offers the Muslims powerful incentive for fighting for his cause. (p.107) From the Surah 9: Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties in exchange for Paradise. But what kind of Paradise? One in which virginity is fetishized, women exist for men’s potency, and homosexuality does not exist. “Short- term” marriages are permitted so that soldiers can get their war booty—literally.

This book should be required reading if only to balance the propaganda about political Islam we have had to endure over the past eight years. At the same time, it does show that people like Abdel- Samad do exist in Islam, though they may be threatened with extinction. ere is always hope.

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