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 In a stressful situation, we all revert back to our instinct, animal instinct. As sophisticated and evolved animals, we have the ability to reason with one another and not resort to force. When animals want another animal to do something or not do something, they resort to force. Both people and animals have the force option, only people sometimes take a little longer to get there.


Even nations reserve a force option for dealing with states and non-state actors. It is interesting that we can break down almost all human interactions, whether group or individual, into two categories: those that use force and those that do not. That’s it, only two.


In Western society, we are used to interacting with others through persuasion and coercion. While force is an option for some, all are subject to force as a means of compliance. As a wise strategist once said: “If you want peace, prepare for war.” In this context, the preparation is the deterrence. Mass is a deterrent. A big black German Shepard is a deterrent. And for some a personal firearm is a deterrent, an equalizer.


Having a means of defense or offense protects you from unwanted force and intimidation. There will always be those who are antisocial and attempt force as a first option.


For example, the elderly and feeble will fall victim to the young and agile, the petite female to the heavy male and the few to the many. However, a means of defense and threat of greater force will persuade a would-be adversary to pick an easier target or limit the interaction.


Switzerland is an armed society, a wealthy, civilized Western nation with very low levels of violent crime when compared to the U.S. But why? Because the “bad guy” no longer has the monopoly on the force option. A force encounter is likely to be met with even greater force. Mutual destruction is not an attractive option.


The solution to violence is overwhelming violence or threat thereof. With this logic in mind, one would be wise to carry a tool that can keep things dignified and civil even when one party is threatening force over a weaker party. Human interaction would change and become more civilized with every party knowing that they are limited to negotiation and persuasion.

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  • I live in a county that only issues 36 CCW’s in 2017. Obtaining one is a virtual impossibility. It’s enough to make me want to move my family.

    Aaron Wallenburg

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