NFA RULES are the federal laws which regulates the sale and possession of certain weapons including: Machine Guns, Suppressors, Short Barreled Rifles, Short Barreled Shotguns, Destructive Devices and AOW.


WARNING! | From BATF RONI Classification Letter of May 06 2010 Paragraph 5

1) Addition of the RONI stock set to a Glock type Pistol results in the manufacture of a short-barreled rifle (SBR) which falls within the classification of firearms subject to NFA controls

(Section 5845(a)(3). The manufacture of SBR’s is generally lawful when performed after the receipt of a properly submitted ATF Form 1 (application to make and register a firearm) and submission of a $200.00 making tax payment.

a) Section 479.70 A firearm may be made without payment of the making tax by or on behalf

of, any State or possession of the United States, any political subdivision thereof, or an official police organization of such a government entity engaged in criminal investigations. Any person making a firearm under this exemption shall first file an application, in duplicate on Form 1 (firearms) and obtain the approval of the director as prescribed in section 479.62. (Editor’s Note: The 479.70 tax exemption does not apply to individual officer purchases.)

WARNING! | Provided By Our Legal Counsel

2) If you actually possess or constructively possess, a pistol and the RONI device, even if the pistol is not assembled into the RONI device, the combination would constitute a short barrel rifle

(SBR) which may not be lawfully possessed unless it is registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.

You are in constructive possession of an object if you have dominion and control over it whether or not you are actually handling it.

WARNING! | Other Applicable Laws

3) State and Local Laws supersede NFA controls. Title 27 CFR Chapter II Section 479.52.

4) You must be over 21 years old.

5) Export of this product is controlled by US State Department & ITAR

The Pathfinder KPOS was introduced to provide shooters with the benefits of the KPOS system without the restrictions of SBR laws. 
The ATFE has ruled that a stabilizer tube attached to a pistol does not change the classification of the pistol. The KPOS Pathfinder is a KPOS G2 with a folding stabilizer tube instead of a stock. This allows the Pathfinder KPOS to be installed on a pistol without changing the classification of the pistol, yet provides a stable cheekweld for accuracy.

The Pathfinder KPOS is stabilized by the shooters hands on the pistol, the shooter's cheek on the stabilizer tube, and the sling on the shooter's body. Pushing the Pathfinder KPOS forward against the sling creates tension and stabilizes the pistol.

The Pathfinder KPOS system creates a pistol that can easily mount optics and accessories and has stability similar to a carbine for safer, more accurate shooting and longer range accuracy. The kit includes the Pathfinder KPOS, folding sights, a VTS handstop,  and a tactical sling.

Disclaimer: The installation of a forward vertical grip or a buttstock on the Pathfinder KPOS will change the classification of the pistol and require registration as an AOW or SBR as described above.