Israeli Counter Terror Rifle Course, 2nd Edition

Israeli Counter Terror Rifle Course, 2nd Edition

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If you like the first Garret Machine Rifle DVD then you will love this one. This is the second rifle DVD in the series. This DVD is updated and even longer then the first one. Although there is some overlap in content the two DVD's certainly complement one another and keep in line with the series. In this film Garret and another soldier from the YAMAM work together to train the students, give demonstrations and work through the skills/drills. This DVD Supersedes:"Israeli Counter Terror Rifle Course".

Instructors from the most elite Israeli Special Operations units, including Yamam and Duvdevan teach the advanced fighting methods used by these units. These methods are used by all Israeli special forces units and are effective when used by large or small units, teams, or individuals. Learn amazing techniques that are not taught by US instructors. This professionally filmed and produced DVD includes footage from actual courses, as well as one-on-one instruction from the instructors directed toward the viewer. Techniques are demonstrated, broken down, and shown from multiple angles. Includes both dry and live-fire demonstrations. The video is filmed in English and contains almost two hours of focused instruction.