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Pressure Makes Diamonds is a quote attributed to General George Patton. The fact is that it is a true statement both literally and figuratively. As a subject matter expert in any given field can attest, only through trial by fire can one achieve greatness. Meaning that only by operating on the very edge of capability and safety can one maximize ones efforts and grow. This is the training mantra of the IDF and it is clearly displayed in this training DVD. 

The Drills: All the drills in this DVD are those used by ether the IDF, Israeli National Police or Ministry of Defense. Some are unit specific and some are training course specific. Each and every drill is conducive to reality and based in a counter terror scenario. Each drill is done immediately after intense physical exertion and time and accuracy standards are maintained and clearly tracked throughout the entire process. Meaning that a set, repeatable and measurable, physical stressor is done before each drill. Each drill is timed to include all shot breaks and weapon manipulations. Accuracy is held at a standard of 100% and clearly tracked as well. Some drills are simple and others are complicated so one with access to a simple indoor shooting range and one with access to an outdoor facility alike will be able use benefit from this training. 

The Stressors: There is no such thing as combat without stress. This is not just marksmanship it is battle. One must be a warrior to succeed here not just a fast shot. The fastest way we could put our bodies in the physiological state of stress most similar to that faced in combat was with the following: Burpees, Kettle Bell 70lbs, Pull-ups, Clapping Pushups, Punching bag, Sprints 

The Filming: We used two cameras to film almost all the drills, one for close-ups and one for the overall performance. One of the most important aspects of the filming was that the viewer could see that there were no breaks or cuts between the exercises and stress to the shooting and targets. Meaning that you see a blank target of a given size and distance, then in that frame the shooter who starts to perform the stress, immediately following the stress the actual drill starts with the sound of the shot time. The camera then walks you right up to the targets to see the hits and shows you the time performed. Before each drill the a verbal explanation of what will be performed is given with a written on screen rundown of distance and targets. Following each drill a detailed synopsis of the entire drill to include draw time, shot breaks, magazine change time, stress parameters, distances, target sizes, shots fired, accuracy etc. Again we designed this to be measurable, can be duplicated and functional for training the best counter terror fighters in the world. 

The Targets: All the targets a realistic to combating terrorism. We use as a default A4 (8.5X11inch) paper over a humanoid figure because it is readily available, non descriptive, cheap, and the appropriate size. Meaning that if you take an A4 and put it over your chest you will find it extends between your nipples and from your Adams apple to your belly button. No matter the size of the man or way he is facing the organs are all in the same location in the human body and the same size in an adult male. That being said there is one way to stop a terrorist, to physically shut down his body so it can no longer function. The most effective way of doing that is to do as much traumatic damage as possible in the shortest amount of time to its vital organs. Again located in the area covered by the A4. What is more then that, under stress you will point your weapon at center mass and pull the trigger as fast as you can and not stop until you get the desired result, which is the terrorist hitting the floor. Other targets are a steel torso 12X24inch, suicide bombers head and terrorist head exposed behind a hostage.