Taylor Freelance +5 Magazine Extension Delrin

Taylor Freelance +5 Magazine Extension Delrin

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  • +5 rounds, and legal for USPSA "Limited" and "3-Gun Nation" competition.

  • Normally provides +5 in .40, +6 in 9mm.

  • Used by Katie Harris to win USPSA ladies "Tactical" 3-Gun title.

  • Delrin construction with wolff spring.
You can buy cheaper equipment, but superior design, quality, and materials, make our floorplates one of the most reliable on the market. Here's why:


Both the +8 and +4 floorplates now have the Fort Knox Retainer -- a machined aluminum plate that holds the floorplate on NO MATTER WHAT. No more "speed-unloads" from plastic +2's popping off when dropped. (That's why Glock stopped making theirs, and law enforcement agencies around the nation have dropped them from their arsenals.)

Our designs offer greater capacity by design as well. The Glock +2, and some others made here in the U.S. work fairly well for competition (they still come off when abused) but their design limits them to a maximum of two, maybe three rounds of extra capacity. It's a long story, but without a major rework, the only place you're going to get more than +3 is through us, or through comparable products now being made by our several competitors. (We were the first to offer extended floorplates for the Glock, and are the only ones offering floorplates for the original non-full-metal-lined "non-drop-free" mags.)

Worst of all, most of the extended floorplates on the market are "one size fits all" units. There is a big difference between the two styles, and that's part of why the competiton's gear comes off so often. When you order from us, you need to tell us what sort of magazines you have -- drop-free or non-drop-free. 

Our floorplates use the stock follower, are impervious to most all gun cleaners, use Wolff Co. springs, and are as simple as simple gets. In the end, we think you'll end up here.

2. Materials:

Our floorplates are CNC machined from Delrin 150 -- a non-marring super-strength homopolymer used in aerospace applications. Custom-cut Delrin is approximately four times more expensive than aluminum per square foot, but the performance payoff is worth it.

Compare our materials to the flimsy injection-moulded plastic or mag-damaging aluminum used elsewhere, and you'll LOVE Taylor Freelance products.